Alliant promo powder for pistol loads

The wadcutter bullets are available from "Rimrock bullets they call it "anti-personel" which seems a good name for them.
I think it may also give me the P kind of velocities I am looking for, but again, will have to wait until I can get a chronograph setup for these book and over work ups.I have tried Trail boss but am looking for the cleanest most powerful powder for shooting 45 Colt from my Henry Big Boy.Best velocities and accuracy probably 2400 or H110.Hodgdon Reloading remise a zero compteur vidange aixam city Home Interesting info here as well.Posts: 134": Originally Posted by CoyoteJoe I didn't sm ice skating promo get far into that one before shaking my head.I echo the others as far as Trail Boss being "powerful".NRA Certified Range Safety Officer "Firearms only have two enemies - rust and politicans" author unknown # 3, 07:21 PM, the Hog Whisperer (Administrator join Date: Jan 2001.I think the Trail Boss powder is really dirty.
First, re read the article.
Consistent performance, extra-Lite, smokeless Shotshell Powder, powder density allows use of standard available components (wads and cases).
Made in the USA, green Dot, smokeless shotshell.
Never USE these TO determine/calculate loads - always refer TO reputable load guides/manuals.# 10, 12:51 AM Beartooth Regular Join Date: Oct 2011 Posts: 2,182 With lead, you generally have velocity restrictions.Ramshot products are newly manufactured (no military surplus or pull down powders) and feature excellent lot-to-lot consistencies.I was considering red dot as well.He leads off with tomfoolery of why no one chamberd a repeating rifle.45 Colt until late 20th century.# 18, 04:00 PM Beartooth Regular Join Date: Jul 2004 Location:.# 9, 07:48 PM Registered User Join Date: Dec 2017 Posts: 17 I have used Trail Boss up.5 grains to shoot a 200 grain lead bullet and it felt less poweful than a factory loaded 255 grain Winchester.Versatile, pro Reach, smokeless shotshell, specially formulated for long distance 12 gauge shooting.Powder comparison burn rate chart.I just reloaded 200 grain lead round with.7 grains of Titegroup and 250 lead round with.2 grains of Titegroup.That was a problem even for the Colt New Service revolver, often the extractor star would lift a fired case partially out of the chamber then slip past the tiny rim, allowing the case to fall back into the chamber and jam things.

But considering that you state that you want to load the cleanest "Most Powerful" loads, Trail Boss is not the powder for highest attainable velocities, but I don't know if it's a clean burning powder or not.
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