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"Plains Buys.67 Billion BP Unit to Expand Liquids Position".
1.8 million US gallons (43,000 bbl; 6,800 m3) of Corexit oil dispersant were used in the cleanup response, becoming the largest application of such chemicals in US history.
"Oil pricing probe widens, Britain pledges tough action".134 At the same year, its Norwegian daughter company BP Norge merged with Det Norske Oljeselskap to form Aker.Abu-Id, Mario;.Retrieved "Distribution and concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons associated with the BP/Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Gulf of Mexico".Regardless which way is used during bone surgery; the advantages of florescence techniques are that minimal bone can be taken away.A b Wines, Michael.62 After the worldwide stock market crash on, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher initiated the sale of an additional GBP7.5 billion (12.2 billion) of BP shares at 333 pence, representing the government's remaining 31 stake in the company.A b "BP Re-Enters Solar Power Market With 200 Million.K."BP and Amoco in oil mega-merger".230 Its petrochemicals are marketed in over 40 countries.Over 32 million US gallons (760,000 bbl; 120,000 m3) of crude oil was spilled into the Atlantic and onto the beaches of Cornwall and Brittany, causing Britain's worst-ever oil spill.
"BP seeks reduction monoutillage concours cours des comptes maroc to spread blame as first phase of spill trial ends".
"Enbridge signs agreement with Husky for Sunrise facilities".
In December 2009, after a three-week trial, a federal jury in Galveston awarded ten of those workers 10 million each in punitive damages, in addition to smaller damages for medical expenses and pain and suffering.
414 The study also found that oil already broken down by wave action and chemical dispersants was more toxic than fresh oil.
"Impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill evaluated using an end-to-end ecosystem model".
The company announced its departure from the solar energy market in December 2011 by closing its solar power business, BP Solar."BP sells UK gas assets to Perenco for 399.253 million".The company owns two petrochemical plants in the.S."BP to sell US wind assets, renew focus on resazurin reduction assay petroleum".320 In 2009, another group of 95 Colombian farmers filed a suit against BP, saying the company's Ocensa pipeline caused landslides and damage to soil and groundwater, affecting crops, livestock, and contaminating water supplies, making fish ponds unsustainable.Gosden, Emily (26 December 2016).Worst Case' BP Ruling on Gulf Spill Means Billions More in Penalties"."BP Defeats Oil Sands Critics, But Controversy Won't Die - The Source - WSJ".