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Denisenko Library for Science and Technology of Kiev Polytechnic Institute Ukrainian National Technical University, Kiev, Ukraine Svetlana Gonnova, Senior Researcher, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia Tuesday, June 5,.00-19.00 Tauria Conference Hall.00-17.00 sessiopecial workshop: pairi daiza prix promo New Federal Project of the.
Bar-coding and rfid Tutor: Alexander Brodovsky.
A consultant will answer your every question.Walters kluwer health company, Berlin, Germany E-mail: Web site: m Ovid is one of the major unified search engines for scientific and medical full-text information in the world.University library online, Moscow, Russia ; professiya publishing and trade house,.Alis in a «Cloud» for Libraries of Education Institutions Raisa Antipova, «Mart» Company, Velikie Luki, Pskov Region, Russia.Presidential Librarys National Electronic Resource and University Libraries Elena Gruznova, Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library,.Stand of «Electronic Archive» Corporation, Moscow, Russia irbis64 Monday, June 4,.00 Exhibition.Petersburg) Alexander Popov,.A.Governmental Services in the Digital Format: Ten Elegant Solutions Marina Ivashina, Sverdlovsk Regional Library for Children and Youths, Ekaterinburg, Russia Questions and answers, discussion session conclusions Section 3: Digital Libraries Section is sponsored by The Russian State Library, Moscow, Russia Chairs: Alexander Visly, Director General.Kuzmin Perm Regional Childrens Library, Perm, Russia.You are advised to go on a hike onto Mount Taraktash (Rock crest) which looks like a giant pangolin guarding village Dachnoye from its north side.The Association aims are to unite potentials of modern information software products and technology developers for the development and implementation of electronic libraries (EL telecommunication and user training systems, and new information technologies (NIT) in many areas; to provide favorable conditions (including discounts) for.
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(Teaching Dean, Library and Information Department,.
Information Resources and Information Interaction of Interdepartmental Libraries Albina Dyakonova, Central City Business Library, Moscow, Russia.
Implementation of BBK Tables Publishing Programs Eduard Sukiasyan, Russian State Library, Moscow, Russia.30-17.00 Presentation « New version of the Database of the Library Bibliographic Classification (BBK) Medium Tables on CD-ROM (BBK Medium Tables, issues 1-4 and the additional issue moderators: Ekaterina Zaytseva, Director, Center.The History and Culture of the Silk Road as Seen through Modern British Scholarship and Exhibitions Elizabeth Melrose, Secretary, ifla Standing Committee for Genealogy and Local History (genloc York,.Facts Matter Paul Leenards, Encyclopedia Britannica (UK) Ltd., London,.Walking along the spine of this wonderful cliff you will see the remains of a Gothic settlement dated 1-2 AC, watchmen hideaways, Sudak, Lebanese and Iwanskaya valleys, reach village Dachnoye of interesting national color, identity, ancient history, cultural heritage, and many unstudied and unidentified items.Digital and Traditional Libraries: The Myths and Reality Alexander Visly, Russian State Library, Moscow, Russia.15.00-15.40 introductory presentation by moderators as an instruction for the master class : methodology and special design features for libraries of various types.A Treaty on Copyright Limitations and Exceptions for Libraries and Archives (tlib) Facilitating Access for All Denise Rosemary Nicholson, Member, ifla Committee on Copyright and Other Legal Matters (CLM Copyright Librarian, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa.Development and Use of Quantitative Models of New Information Technologies Expansion (as Exemplified by Internet) Leonid Delitsyn, Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia.00-11.20 coffee break.20-13.00 session II MODern systems and services for libraries Presentations up to 20 minutes.Petersburg Theatre Library: Experience of Reference and Research Bibliographic Department Olga Mokina and Elena Fedyakhina,.Issues of Nature Protection and Natural Resources Management in Pre-Revolutionary Scientific and Technical Literature (as Exemplified by rnpls Ts Collections) Elena Bychkova, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia.Efforts to Attract the Young to Public Libraries through Library Programs and Projects Liliya Sergeychik and Anastasiya Smolik, Central City Library, Baranovichi, Belarus.Alexander Mazuritsky, Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia.It publishes books, journals and electronic materials in science, education and other professional spheres.Franko Crimean Republican Universal Scientific Library, Simferopol, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine Administrators: Yuliya Gnedova, Deputy Director,.

GrebennikOn E-library is classified in 250 themes, has detailed abstracts, and enables search by author, title, and keywords.
Krupskaya Astrakhan Regional Scientific Library, Astrakhan, Russia.
The Silk Road the Central Asian Connection Akram Khabibullaev, Curator of the Near Eastern, Islamic and Central Asian collections of the Library of the University of Indiana, Bloomington, IN, USA.