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Patrick Wardle is the Director of Research at Synack, where he leads cyber R D efforts.
Nir has a BSc in Computer Science but his knowledge is based mainly on cowboy learning and information sharing with the techno-oriented communities.Such an attack scenario could be useful to a manufacturer aiming at putting competitors out of business or as a strong argument in an extortion attack.Now, his goal in life is to become a professional CTF e-sports caster so he founded a startup Vector 35 to try to get paid to do stuff with CTFs and gaming.He is a Senior Member of ieee, Mississippi Infragard President, member of the DNP Users Group, and also is a registered PE in Louisiana.Joe has spent a decade working on low-level silicon debug, security validation, and penetration testing of cpus, SOCs, and microcontrollers.Our goal is to eliminate pervasive myths and accurately illustrate rfid risks via live attack demos: High Frequency / NFC Attack Demos: HF physical access control systems (e.g., iclass and mifare desfire 'contactless smart card' product families) Credit cards, public transit cards, passports (book mobile.Thoroughly reviewing a code base of this size is arduous at best - arguably impossible.At Azimuth Security The IDA Pro APIs for interacting with type information are full of opportunities (horrible problems).We will discuss different use cases and attack surfaces.In this talk we will explain briefly how the Bluetooth (BDR/EDR/LE) protocols work, focusing on security aspects.
From the University of California at Santa Cruz,.
Yet, countries routinely accuse others of cyber attacks, the public sees this in newspapers almost every day, and it is often an important topic in bilateral dialogues.
Despite this, our improved fuzzing approach was able to find four confirmed bugs within Google Chrome and two within Microsoft Internet Explorer.
He leads regular photography expeditions and workshops around the world, and has given seminars and lectures internationally at events including TEDx, the Churchill Club, Photoshelter Luminance, CES, sxsw, AsiaD, dema, and others.Some existing solutions, such as usrp based OpenBTS, commercial product nanoBTS can be used bmx concours to build a fake base station and capture data traffic.David was a tenured.S.Prior to the private sector, Kennedy worked for the United States Marine Corps and deployed to Iraq twice for intelligence related missions.He has spoken at conferences such as Black promo decembre tupperware 2017 Hat, RSA, and CCC, and initiated the Crypto Coding Standard and the Password Hashing Competition projects.We'll expose the fundamental principles of quantum computing in a way comprehensible by anyone, and we'll skip the technical details that require math and physics knowledge.He is also formerly the Director of the Cloud Business Unit of FireEye.This talk will explore abusing that specific memory error, called a bit flip, via DNS.From the Georgetown University Law Center in 1993.He co-founded LegbaCore in 2014 to help improve security at the foundation of computing systems."GEC 2: Test Vectors for SEC 1" (PDF).