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Dec 21, 2012 #2, a few initial comments: - you have used Do/loop for the main loop, so you don't need the main goto main - you can replace if/elseif/endif with select/case/endselect.
I'm hoping to squeeze this down to leave enough space for another prog on an 18m2, should be doable with a bit of effort, give me something to do over xmas other than drinking.
The SerOut command is codespace hungry, even more so when used as you have it configured.B22 you write.g.Nous vous souhaitons une bonne visite sur m et nous vous espérons que les informations sur codes promo et réduction vous sont utiles.Code : #Picaxe 40X2 #No_Data, symbol Baud N2400_16, symbol Lcd.0, symbol keyPress b24 'raw keypress code.That is so the system can keep track of control, done by recording the return address on what is called the 'stack'.Dec 22, 2012 #8 Use a spare variable to hold a value set by using the let command in the subroutine and use an if statement after the gosub that called the subroutine.Lancée en 1963 par Anselme Devavrin, Vertbaudet est une entreprise française de magasins spécialisés dans la conceprtion et la distribution darticle textiles et décorations pour les enfants et femmes gravides.I didn't mention variable names last time but it helps greatly if, instead.g.Code : lookup b7, smtwtfs b0 lookup b7, uouehra b1 lookup b7, nneduit b2 lookup b7, r b3 serout Lcd, Baud 254,198,b0,b1,b2,b3) You must log in or register to reply here.I'm going to let you think about this one yourself - there are similar loops for year, month, date, day, hour and minute so could these be compacted into a FOR : next loop and just use IF statements utilizing the loop counter variable for.
Fortunately goto is not necessary in high level languages like Picaxe Basic (except in a couple of very specific cases) so you can use the control structures mentioned in my last post to fully define the flow of control in your code.
It currently running on a 40x2 as it happens to be on my breadboard, IR is.1, LCD is.0, power button on remote opens settings menu, arrows choose day and number buttons set date time.
Les clients vont jouir de multiples services au fil de votre commande promo kaufland allemagne par exemple: les catalogues gratuits, les cartes cadeau, la liste de naissance, la commande de cadeau, lidée anniversaire, ect.
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Be sure to look around by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page to see Reviews, Pictures, Doctor Q A, Videos, Forums, Guides, and Cost data. .You can create notebooks to save anything you'd like to keep track of, just click on the Save icon at the top of the content to get started.If you can't then the design needs more work before you start coding.Edit: I have to admit I've not been picked up on as many points as I was expecting.He needs to get a replacement and I have not had any luck finding one.Any pointers greatly appreciated.Gotos have been deprecated for some 40 years by software engineers.If you do these things I think you will find it will be much clearer for you to refine further.A propos de Vertbaudet.