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Presidio Solutions sells only renewals of promo cuisinière induction service and maintenance contracts on their clients' hardware and software products.
The case gives arguments pro and con regarding changing the number of hours residents may work and how they are supervised.
The Essentials of Negotiation is a hands-on, basic guide on how to prepare for and conduct a negotiation; and The Essentials of Managing Change and Transition offers tools for preparing employees and organizations for a change initiative and managing the transformation as it rolls out-all.
Tried everything from welfare-to-work programs to recruiting at local churches.Industry Setting: Transportation industry Company Size: large Subjects: Air freight service; Careers career planning; Corporate culture; Diversification; Employee training; Human resources management; Shipping Length: 8p Supplementary Materials: Teaching Note, (488011 13p, by Jeffrey.Geographic Setting: Mayfield Village, OH Industry Setting: Property casualty insurance Gross Revenues: 140 million revenues Subjects: Insurance; Organizational change; Organizational design; Profit centers Length: 17p Supplementary Materials: Supplement (Field (481068 6p, by Robert.Subjects: Middle management; Participatory management Length: 10p HR9 Title: Willamette Industries : "No Pay at Risk" Compensation Author(s Pfeffer, Jeffrey Publication Date: Product Type: Case (Field) Publisher: Stanford University Abstract: Willamette Industries, a large wood products and pulp and paper manufacturer, has traditionally not used.Does Sid's weight matter?(C) Author(s Lawrence, Paul.; Hodgetts JL Publication Date: 12/29/1983 Product Type: Case (Field) Abstract: Tiner Trucking faced rapidly changing conditions in the trucking industry in the late 1970s and early 80s.In this article, coach and management consultant Carol Walker, who works primarily with rookie managers and their supervisors, addresses the five problem areas that rookie managers typically face : delegating, getting support from senior staffers, projecting confidence, thinking strategically, and giving feedback.First, the manager creates a rich picture of the problem person.The topics include : Assessing Performance, Coaching, Dismissing an Employee, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Hiring, Managing Difficult Interactions, Managing Workplace Stress, and Retaining Valued Employees.
Author(s Perlmutter, Howard.; Heenan, David.
But it can also be a time of self-discovery, new direction, and fresh beginnings.
But recognizing that changes won't happen overnight, she exhorts young women to be more deliberate about their career and family choices.
After deciding to set up a pricing task force, he asked each department head to attend the task force meetings or to designate a decision maker from the area to attend.As a result, he is unable to repeat his performance in another company-at least not until he learns to work the new system, which could take years.General Motors may have failed to accomplish this at its Linden, New Jersey and Ingersoll, Ontario plants, but lean production has succeeded at Saturn and nummi.Subjects: Action planning; Human resources management; Organizational design; Organizational development Length: 3p 483050 Title: Note on Career Planning in Industry Author(s Sonnenfeld, Jeffrey.; Blanck PD Publication Date: 09/17/1982 Product Type: Note Abstract: A survey of planning activities in career development.Subjects: Communication; Organizational development; Organizational problems Length: 10p 684056 Title: Doug Heath Negotiations (A) Author(s Wyckoff,.Title: People Express Philosophy : Interview with Don Burr, Video (DVD) Author(s Beer, Michael; Holland, Philip Publication Date: Product Type: Case Video, DVD Abstract: Presents an interview with Don Burr as he reviews the philosophy of management and management's approach of People Express.Eccles; Case Video, (882514 17 min, by Robert.