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Some people are banking on Azorius because blue and code promo hitek white offer the best evasive creatures, while Rakdos on the other end of the spectrum give you double the chance at removal.
I'm probably just going to bring some pre-sleeved foil lands so they're ready.Evasion and removal (and bombs, but that's really outside of your control) are usually the kings of limited.CrazyBones, member posted September 22, 2012 06:47.All your Gruul Nodorogs are belong.I will update everyone as I get more information.Will you be able to play your legend as well?quot;: Originally posted by AtriumXP: Actually.
Edited 1 times, lastly by nderdog on September 24, 2012 caquaa Member posted September 24, 2012 07:40 PM": Originally posted by WestWycke: Games stores that hold pre-release events get shipped a supply of lands for the event.
Zeckk Member posted September 23, 2012 06:48 AM Playing golgari, because it leaves you open to rakdos and selesnya cards (which are the two strongest color combos for comm/unc cards).
The store I play at freely gives lands out, but others will charge for basic lands.Kanzume Goddess by Japanime Games, fulfillment Update (Reposted from Facebook hi There!Edited 1 times, lastly by hilikuS on September 23, 2012 AtriumXP Member posted September 23, 2012 09:01 AM Actually.Trade them to me, please!So, in your izzet pack, you can get Niv, but you wont get Epic Experiment.Any store should have a supply of lands available, but I have a sealed deck kit that includes all of the lands Nderwife and I might need just to be safe.One store even sold the land station that all stores got a while back (the ones w/ the mana symbols and slots for the lands).AtriumXP Member posted September 24, 2012 08:11 AM I'm sure they.Seems like if your other 5 packs are all Izzet gas, you've either got a bad deck, or the guild pack won't help you.We're ahead of the rest of the world (GMT12 so I can proudly say: first!Zakman86 Member posted September 24, 2012 08:19 AM": Originally posted by AtriumXP: I'm sure they.Remember the Auctions Board!

Member posted September 22, 2012 05:17.
Radkos for the second, because I love stupid aggressiveness at times.
I am making this topic to get peoples opinions before I fully commit to making a choice for the Return to Ravinca guild selection at the pre-release.