Dayam yahova yaa rab

dayam yahova yaa rab

Later these tunes were preserved in a book, which was published in 1908 from Banaras, India, named "Punjabi Zabur Desi Ragan Vich".
During versification of the book of Psalm in Punjabi by Rev.
If you wish to purchase a copy of this album please contact us at email protected, thank you.We prepare Psalms in the same tunes and this project is called "Punjabi Zabur Asli Ragan Vich".Music Arrangment: Azaaz Ivon, Ivon Akbar Gull,.Shahbaz.D the tunes were also composed for all the Psalms and an English Missionary lady.Anita Coden wrote these tunes in staff notation.Dayam yahova from the album Punjabi Zabur Asli Ragan Vich.Recording Engineer: Iftikhar Ivon.
Dayam yahova YAA RAB Masihi Geet.
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Ernest Mall Geet aur Zaboordayam yahova YAA RAB.
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