Hamilton poverty reduction strategy

Members of the Poverty Roundtable have been holding briefing sessions for all federal party candidates running in the October 14th election.
He wants to bring together the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction, the Hamilton Community Foundation, and groups involved in initiatives to do with early childhood, aboriginal affairs and other issues to figure that out.Under the proposed utility merger, Horizon would merge with EnerSource and Power Stream to jointly purchase Hydro One Brampton and form the second largest power utility in Ontario.Invest resources and create the necessary policies to reduce and prevent poverty."We're borrowing from ourselves, for all intents and purposes.".Now he wants to use some of the money on a poverty reduction strategy.Instead of putting 8 million per year back into the fund, the mayor said, it'll put less into the fund instead.
They include: - Establish an inter-departmental secretariat on poverty reduction.
Eisenberger doesn't know how exactly the money will be spent.
The Roundtable has prepared a Policy Brief with recommendations to help move Canadian families out of poverty.
These include support for a flexible and sustainable national housing strategy and the continuation of the federal homelessness partnership initiative, comprehensive early childhood investments, an emphasis on skills training for youth jeu concours vente privée and new Canadians, strong federal support for infrastructure investments within communities and reform.
Under his plan, the city will spend 3 million per year of that money specifically on poverty reduction.
The city borrowed 60 million from a fund called the Future Fund to pay for its contribution to the new stadium, which the province built.It shouldn't cost the city anything, Eisenberger said.Develop measurable targets and a timeline to reduce poverty.The mayor wants to sink 50 million including earnings from the planned Horizon Utilities merger into a 10-year plan to reduce poverty in Hamilton.Lisa MacLeod re: Basic Income.Income Security Education, we are dedicated to sharing knowledge about what poverty looks like in Halton Region.Posted at 07:23 PM in, news, permalink.The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) still has to approve the merger.Fred Eisenberger revealed a plan Wednesday morning to put 3 million per year from the dividend uplift from Horizon's proposed merger with three other utilities into a "poverty reduction strategy.Halton Community Benefits Network.Tags: federal election, policy, poverty.