Kawasaki 1400 concours

kawasaki 1400 concours

Email from a customer asking if we make a kit for the ZZR1400 (2013).Had bought an McCruise for my 2008 Kawasaki Concours and installed it myself.
Both the original Concours and the Concour 14 have a slipper clutch that lets the rear wheel freewheel to lessen the risk of sliding when the rider uses excessive engine braking.Sadly, the centerstand is no better.For additional storage, hit the accessories catalog for an optional topcase.Archived from the original on Retrieved "Kawasaki Police 14 Enforcer" (PDF).New-from-2015, a redesigned steering stem seal allows for easier steering control at low speeds."Kawasaki 1400GTR: In for the long haul".Frequently, big tour bikes run with big, heavy frames to support the engine, copious amounts of body panels and fairings and variable passenger and cargo loads.The fire in this pub's fireplace The Warren House Inn has not gone out since 1845.Even frames made from aluminum stock necessarily add to the weight of the bike, so how do you get around that?Kawasaki Concours 14; Germany takes on Japan's best in a bare knuckle brawl" (PDF Motorcycle Consumer News,. .
ZX-14 platform with features similar to the original Concours an inline-4 engine, luggage, shaft drive and a full fairing.
A stainless bezel on the instrumentation gives it just a bit of bling, but revised ABS settings, stiffer rear suspension, reworked first gear ratio and a heat code de reduction candysan shield on the exhaust make noticeable improvements to the rider experience.
I was fearful that the CIU was going to be a pita to install and adjust.
When standing still, a new-from-2015 exhaust shield directs heat away from your legs.The 1,352 cc, four-banger mill puts out some decent numbers, especially for a tour bike.A couple of years ago I did the run up the east coast of Australia to Cooktown and back.Thanks again, Gavin Borgas, wow!2 3 4, introduced in September 2007, the new bike is based on the.

This continuous alteration happens progressively as the rpm rise and fall.
Concours d'Elegance and is pronounced with a silent s, /kawn-koor/.
Photos by Megan of Heather Photography.