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Without proper treatment, progression to the next stage is unavoidable in the vast majority of the cases. However, please be aware that you may have to sign away your right to future legal proceedings if you accept warranty reimbursement.In extreme cases the surgical removal of excess skin following the conservative therapy may be indicated (5).Your placing plastic surgeon will not make much money from the removal of your implants and so they prefer to do as little as possible such as a short 20 minute procedure, in their office, under a local anesthetic simply cutting you and pulling out the implants leaving the.Capsulotomy there are two types of Capsulotomy: Open Capsulotomy is a procedure in which the capsule is surgically released and/or partially removed through an incision within the breast area. .It is a chronic degenerative and inflammatory process affecting the soft tissues, skin, lymph vessels and nodes and may result in severe and often disabling swelling.We dont want to say that screening does not have any benefit, even though the harms are more significant in this age group, Reynolds said. Some plastic surgeons will argue that an En Bloc/ Total Capsulectomy explant could result in disfigurement of your breast but this is mostly untrue. . Plastic surgeons are rewarded for returning breast implants to the manufacturers and so they make up all kind of excuses that implants cannot be returned to you.Please dont drain your implants prior to explantation.Silicone in the lymph nodes can be diagnosed by ultrasound and localized by needle localization for precise removal.
Donna Reynolds, a member of the task force.
Do not stimulate detoxification until about a month after explant as you do not want to spread anymore toxins than necessary through your system and organs.
Ensure that your implants ARE returned TO YOU immediately after removal You paid for your implants and by law they belong to you and should be returned to you directly after explant or after pathology. .
In most cases the duration of the intensive phase of complete decongestive therapy has to be extended and repeated several times.
The polyurethane covered gel filled breast implants are associated with extensive silicone lymphadenopathy in the axilla, retropectoral, internal mammary, and sometimes neck nodes, but never in nodes below the diaphragm.Silicone chemicals and particulate from the shell and biofilms of bacteria/fungus from the capsule may be washed through the capsule into your body and may cause a serious health decline.A condition known as lymphangiopathy is present if the reduction in the transport capacity of the lymphatic system is caused by pathology affecting the lymphatic system directly in form of a developmental abnormality (malformations, as in primary lymphedema).Blais the story of what happened in your body in regard to the implants and illness.YOU MAY wish contact THE implant manufacturer FOR warranty AND expense reimbursement If you obtained your implant information from the placing plastic surgeon or if you received your implants after explantation you will be able to determine the manufacturer.Chronic lymphedema is considered to be a progressive condition regardless if it is classified as primary or secondary and can not simply be described as an accumulation of protein-rich fluid.You should not rely on any information in this web site without seeking the advice of a physician or certified healthcare provider.The real reason some plastic surgeons avoid En Bloc/Total Capsulectomy explant is because it takes a high level of surgical skill, attention to detail, more time and requires a general anesthetic which carries more risk than a local anesthetic. .Even if you are not symptomatic and you have silicone or textured implants an En Bloc/Total Capsulectomy explant should be done for your utmost health because there will likely be contamination in the capsule.Do you need more information on other topics on lymphedema?Stage II, also known as spontaneously-irreversible stage.Reduction can still be expected if treatment starts in this stage.

Capsule tissue will be able to tell.
It is important to point out that the stage of lymphedema is not defined by size, but rather by the consistency of the tissues.
Choose THE right surgeon WHO IS experienced AT EN bloc / total capsulectomy explant AND IS committed TO removing ALL OF THE capsule tissue.