Nakamichi high com ii noise reduction system

nakamichi high com ii noise reduction system

High-Com II is the first audiophile noise-reduction system that achieves professional quality.
We also suggest you listen closely for concours dour 2016 sounds of "breathing" and noise pumping.
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High Com II even required calibration of the playback level using a 400 Hz, 0 dB, 200 code reduction ekoi 2017 nWb/m 8 calibration tone for optimum results, and with prices in the several hundred dollars for the external Nakamichi compander box it was much too expensive to be used by many people outside.
This article is about the noise reduction system.
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Hobbytip der Hobbythek (in German).Post edited by miner on September 2012.Average retail cost back then was 480!Registrieren zweiwege-Kurz-Codes (zum Senden und Empfangen land.3 High-Com II for vinyl While originally designed for tape recordings, Nakamichi demonstrated the usage of High Com II on vinyl records as well in 1979.Stereoplay (in German) (1).Thank you for looking."high COM - ein Kompander zur breitbandigen Geräuschunterdrückung".Schröder, Ernst.; Wermuth, Jürgen Circuit system for the generation of a direct control voltage which is dependent on an alternating voltage, DE2830784, US4321482 Scholz, Werner Schaltung zur wahlweisen automatischen Dynamikkompression oder -expansion, DE Schröder, Ernst.Technische Rundschau (in German) (41)."Telefunken TC 750 - HiFi Stereo Recorder ".Indonesien 89887, aXIS, 3, Telkomsel, Indosat, XL Axiata.Very expensive back in the 1970's 1980's.

I used with a Pioneer RT707 reel to reel and a Tascam 302 cassette deck.