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Hypocritical Humor : Umbridge's insanity drives her to help her adorable school-children, by killing them.
Crosscast Role : In addition to the examples from the original, Dolores Umbridge is played by Joe Walker, the actor who played Voldemort.
Air-Vent Passageway : The plan to get the Death Eaters into Hogwarts is to sneak them through the Hogwarts air vent, a sillier version of their invasion plan in The Half-Blood Prince.
Voldemort : Curses, Potter!Would you really torture your own son?Betty and Veronica Harry (Archie Ginny (Betty and Cho (Veronica) rythme fm concours 100.1 Cho (Archie Harry (Betty and Cedric (Veronica) Hermione (Archie Ron (Betty and Draco (Veronica) Voldemort (Archie Bellatrix (Veronica and Quirrell (Betty Just Friends though maybe ).And Firenze, who never wears a shirt Walk This Way : Snape pulls this on the boys.Or I would put it in a pyramid with King Tut and all of his jewels.Except you, Draco, I can't fucking stand you.Contents show, iD's Promos 1988 (with the rare logo) "The Little Koala" Promo "The Little Koala" Promo "Dancing Stars by VideoWorks "Mobile by VideoWorks "Spooky Night" "Fish Eating Seaweed by VideoWorks "Boy Toys by Olive Jar Animation "Elephants by VideoWorks "Ants Marching by VideoWorks "Baby.Catch-Phrase "Did you get my text?" Not to mention an pas de cadeau saint valentin extension of a line from the original: "I'm bleeding!" "That's absurd!" "well you didn't text me back!" Chekhov's Classroom : Lupin gives a lecture on Patronuses early in the play.Hypocritical Humor Harry tries to stand up to Draco, who immediately orders his brute to defend him, dives under a bench ( hanging under it upside down ) and declares "Not so tough now, are you, Potter?" Quirrell mocks Harry while manipulating him via the.Hermione: You know, every day everyone is trying to put me down, and on the one day I actually feel like a person, YOU'RE trying TO ruin IT!
Stealth Pun Cho Chang is upset that since she's not allowed to flirt, Flitwick will fail her.
Molly: I came down here with the rest of the Order; Lupin, Tonks, Mad-Eye Moody, Sirius, and your brother Fred.
"A year ago, I was a Muggle douchebag living under some stairs.
The forces of Hogwarts all sing "Gotta Get Back To Hogwarts" before the assault on Voldemort.Your Cheating Heart : Parodied.Also, most of the Weasley boys are cross cast in their cameo, as they just cast all of the extra actors according to their height.Which is hilarious if you know anything about Lockhart's character via Word of God : Lockhart is the only person directly based on someone Jo knows.Hilarity Ensues Even off-stage it's implied to happen, like when Harry suggests he and Ron go see Hagrid.Operation: Jealousy : Once Hermione breaks up with Ron, Cho recommends she go out with someone he can't stand to get back at him for cheating.Does Not Like Spam : Tom Riddle does not like Snickers bars.In this show, it's portrayed by the two actors standing back-to-back beneath a gigantic robe.Harry giving Ginny the diary kickstarting the whole chain of events.The poster of Zac Efron in Hogwarts was so beloved by Voldemort he put part of his soul into.Sorting Hat: I'm Team Dumbledore!Jim Povolo yet again plays a talking non-human who asks some characters to jump on his back before wistfully saying "To *insert wizarding school name here*!" In his self-introduction, Malfoy admits that he's "a racist." That'd explain his "Go home, terrorist!" comment when he first.Bowdlerization : Apparently, there is a version that is somewhat raunchier than what was put up on the internet.Fridge Horror : Draco has an in-universe example as he recalls all of the things he did to Dobby's children after Lucius Malfoy informs Draco that Dobby, not him, is Draco's actual father, making Dobby's presumably full-blooded elf children Draco's little brothers.

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Ahh." (shields eyes) The Jelly-Legs Jinx works similarly.