Plastic surgery areola reduction

Nipple and areola reduction can also be done as part of another cosmetic breast surgery, such as breast reduction, augmentation or breast lift procedure. .
Care is taken to maintain sensitivity and to preserve the ability to breastfeed.Harvard trained, board certified plastic surgeon,.Either the nipple or the areola may be big or misshapen and can, for some women, be a code reduction kavehome source of embarrassment or concern.Reasons for choosing to have areola reduction surgery, click to collapse, women seek areola reduction for a number of reasons, but mainly to meet a desired standard of beauty or return to the time before weight gain, pregnancy or ageing took its toll.This surgery takes one hour to complete and is performed in an operating room.
As with any surgical procedure there are risks involved in areola reduction surgery.
Areola reduction surgery is usually performed under light sedation, general anesthesia or even local anesthetic.
Specific complications that may occur after areola reduction surgery: Loss of sensitivity and numbness may occur during the healing period.
The incision on the breast is small and the sutures dissolve, so there is no suture -removal process.
After an incision is made around the nipple, some of the dark pigmented area of the areola is removed, and the incision is closed.
Leave a Reply, plastic surgery blog.Ganchi, the nipple area of the breast is actually composed of two parts, the nipple and the areola.The procedure takes between 1 and 2 hours, and you can go home after the effects of the anaesthetic wear off.WE concours fonction publique metz invite YOU TO call OUR NEW jersey office.Enlarged areolas can also result from pregnancies, breastfeeding and significant weight changes.Expect a follow-up visit to your surgeon after one week.Before the procedure,.