Preparation of diphenylmethanol by reduction of benzophenone

Organic chemistry, benzophenone is a common.
Without it, opaque or dark packaging would be required.Sonneborn, III (1941 "Benzohydrol", Org.Par ul par bul Equationb : par par (1)tab 4 Csub voucher nike factory 6Hsub 5-(CO)-Csub 6Hsub 5 NaBHsub 4 f181 '36 4 (Csub 6Hsub 5)sub 2CHO-BNa par tab Benzophenone par par (2)tab 4 (Csub 6Hsub 5)sub 2CHO-BNa HCl 3Hsub 2O f181 '36 4 (Csub 6Hsub 5)sub 2choh.Explain this reaction by indicating the source of the hydrogen that ends up on oxygen.Generally sodium is used as the alkali metal.Include in your notebook and in your Lab Report, also calculate the yield.Tab Give the structure of the white precipitate formed in the reaction of benzophenone with sodium borohydride, and write an equation for its reaction with water.
Another route of synthesis is through a palladium(II oxometalate catalyst.
Biul IF par pard ql biul tab your product oils or is not gummy, leave the flask in your desk until the next lab period before par tab proceding to step.
Benzophenone is the with the formula ( 6 5 ) 2 C, generally abbreviated.
The reaction is exothermic and the rate of addition, therefore, should not be too rapid.
Pharmacological activity, benzophenone derivatives are known to be pharmacologically active.
The resulting diradical will abstract a hydrogen atom from a suitable to form.Interpretation, translation, diphenylmethanol, diphenylmethanol, (C6H5)2choh, is a secondary alcohol with a relative molecular mass of 184.23 g/mol.Par pard qj par pard.The reagent is less reactive (i.e., more selective) than lithium aluminum hydride.Par par pard.Preparation, diphenylmethanol may be prepared by a Grignard reaction between phenylmagnesium bromide and benzaldehyde, or by reducing benzophenone, with sodium borohydride or with zinc dust.Could a tertiary alcohol be prepared by the reduction of a carbonyl compound?Tab ul density ul mptab tab ul bp par Csub 6Hsub 5COCsub 6Hsub 5 tab 183.0 tab tab tab 305 par NaBHsub 4 tab tab.83 code promo foxchip tab tab tab - par Csub 6Hsub 5CH(OH)Csub 6Hsub 5tab 184.0 tab - 66tab tab 297 par par par.Add the aqueous sodium borohydride solution in small portions and with stirring to the benzophenone solution at such a rate that the temperature does not exceed 45 f181 '45.Diphenylmethanol is an irritant to the eyes, skin and respiratory system.