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7 Est, a third-person present tense form of the verb être (to be is used instead of the conjunction et (and again, in this context, they are pronounced similarly.
Retrieved tehr, Gérald; Glasauer, Willi (2002).
4 The grammatical reference work Le Bon Usage classes these six as conjunctions, but donc as an adverbit also notes that other constructions such as puis, aussi and seulement have some characteristics of coordinating conjunctions.Scientific English: A Guide for Scientists and Other Professionals (3rd.).The phrase is often learned by French school children, and has influenced French culture, including having an asteroid named after it and inspiring the titles of numerous literary, musical and cinematic works.Ornikar, l'auto-école en ligne).Retrieved ;r1;nat;sol0 ; Price, Glanville (17 December 2007).15 In 2002, Gérald Stehr and Willi Glasauer published a children's book titled Mais où est donc Ornicar?Activités et services aux étudiants (in French).Adresse catalogue cadeaux ecoburotic email déjà utilisée.3 Or is sometimes considered a coordinating conjunction, but can also be treated as an adverb.Cégep du Vieux Montréal.
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It features Ornicar as a platypus ( ornithorynque in French).
Le Bon Usage (in French) (15th.).
16 In 2005, the Quebec rock group Les Dales Hawerchuk released a song with the title "Mais où est donc Carnior?".
A Comprehensive French Grammar (6th.).Retrieved b "17777 Ornicar (1998 FV9.Retrieved dead link (Original French: "Chuck Norris sait ou sic se trouve Ornicar.Ornicar which is intended to sound like a French given name, even though it is not one 9 is used as a proper noun to represent the three conjunctions or (now/yet ni (nor) and car (for).The French relative pronoun où (where) is used because it sounds the same as ou (or the presence of a grave accent differentiates their orthography.Mais où est donc Ornicar?

"Mais qui est donc Ornicar?" But who, therefore, is Ornicar?