Promo tollens

promo tollens

Quantuscumque quantacumque quantumcumque however great quapropter wherefore.
Laesio lesio rhetorical attack / wounding.
Luctus lamentation, mourning, grief.Tempus time tempus temporis time.Studio ( dat.) to study, pursue concours sur titre psychologue fonction publique hospitalière eagerly, be eager for.Decretum decree, judgment, edict, bon reduction la laitiere order.Do dare dedi datum to give, offer, convey, offer, donate, furnish.Rursus on the other hand, in return, back, again.Imber shower imber ymber rain shower, rain storm, pelting rain.Cunae nest for young birds.Purus cadeau globe pure, free from.
Adsidue assidue continuously, without remission.
Offero offer offero to bring forward, place before, present, offer, expose.
Accipio I accept accipio to consider oneself indebted, receive, learn, take.
Ordinatio rule, government, order, arrangment, regulation.
Adaugeo to make greater, add, increase.
Genus race genus kind, sort, class, category.
Schola school schola school / elite troop of soldiers.Hostes hostium the enemy.Clarus bright clarus clear, bright / renowned, famous, illustrious claudeo to limp, halt, be lame, to hobble.Aether ether affectus emotions ager (agri) farm, field, acre.Iocus joke, jest, jape, gag.