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The projectile included with this figure is the same mold included with several Attacktix figures like the Decepticlone, Omnicon, Vehicle Mode Megatron, and a few others.
Bumblebee (Deluxe Class, 2017) Japanese ID Number : TLK-01 Japanese release date : Accessories : Two throwing stars Released as part of the Premier Edition subline, this Bumblebee is a redeco of the Generations Age of Extinction Bumblebee figure, transforming into a Chevrolet Camaro concept.Tiny Turbo Changers Bumblebee (Tiny Turbo Changers, 2017) Series : 1 2 Bag Code : E Tiny Turbo Changers Bumblebee is a small, stumpy, soft-plastic blind-bagged mini-figure that changes from robot to a Concept Camaro 2016 with just a few simple steps.Both Bumblebee and the MechTech Holder are packed into a Voyager class-sized box, with an accompanying increase in retail price.(Considering how all the other Screen Battles sets were apparently originally intended to feature more, or at least more elaborate, accessory figures based on their entries in an official checklist on Hasbro's website, 4 this seems indeed very plausible.) Ultimate All those extras and they.being cast in gray plastic and painted over in metallic gold, and with his hand being cast in colorless clear plastic, making him very similar to his Masterpiece figure.Initially made available for sale at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show, it was later released to mass retail across Japan.It was released as a Toys"R"Us exclusive in Canada, with store price tags featuring yet another working name, "Street Racer Set".
(Now I know how Hot Shot feels.) Bumblebee (2008) Japanese ID number: TS-02 Accessories: Display stand Trans-scanning Bumblebee is a Japanese-exclusive figure with many interchangeable parts.
Being a highly simplified toy of a highly complex design, Legends-class Bumblebee does not replicate the appearance of the robot mode very well, and has very limited articulation, detail and paint applications.
The campaign began on May 14 2011, and one could have entered by entering two barcode numbers from MechTech character cards (packed with Japanese Dark of the Moon figures) into the TakaraTomy Transformers website.
Even though this vehicle mode never had that detailing.
However, it did not include the display stand.
Let's face cupkiller code promo it, you're not buying this set for the Bumblebee.
His vehicle mode is largely unpainted, save for a single black paint app for the windshield and hood stripes.Movie Edition Bumblebee (Tiny Turbo Changers, 2018) Series : 2 Bag Code : E Released as part of the third-series of the blind-packed Tiny Turbo Changers line, Bumblebee is merely a re-release of the regular Bumblebee from the first two series' above, but is under.He also comes with a "Stinger Blaster" arm cannon, which replaces his left arm, or stores underneath his robot mode back.He carries a large black blaster rifle rather than the new pistol style, and lacks the metal backpack.This giveaway event was available from 12 May till, and was available again at 30th June till 30th July.