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The nchr also did not start its investigation until weeks after the dispersal when they decided to look into post June 30 violence, inhibiting investigators from seeing things firsthand or obtaining physical evidence.If you are at all interested in this, we would qppreciate it very much if you would write to me, Buddy Holley, 2304-1st Street, Lubbock, Texas.An Interior Ministry-produced video compilation of the events shows protesters throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails at the police, surrounding and appearing to attack a car, shooting flares, and appearing to set a car on fire.Some also left via Tayaran Street.They entered the room and told us we would die."Rave On" and "Think It Over" are later Holly recordings that also reflected the Holly edge.
385 Protesters remained carte reduction famille nombreuse sncf renouvellement congregated at the Mustafa Mosque as the time for morning prayers approached.
292 A member of the al-Nahda sit-in security committee told Human Rights Watch that several armed protesters were positioned on the upper floors of the Architecture College in the Engineering Faculty.
By around 5:30.m., police had encircled remaining protesters around Raba mosque and hospital, eventually allowing the majority of those remaining to exit, with instructions to leave corpses and the injured behind.
Develop recommendations for legal and institutional reforms aimed at ensuring that the human rights violations of the past will not repeat, including reforming security institutions and amending national legislation to bring it in line with international law and standards.
342 On August 1, the Interior Ministry issued a statement calling on all protesters to prioritize the public good and immediately leave the sit-in areas with a commitment to a safe exit and full protection for any of those who respond to this call.Protesters took over the road, some milling around or praying, others sitting or sleeping.On the second floor, an officer there told me to come down.Remain seized of the situation as long as impunity for serious abuses and repression of dissent continues, including through regular briefings from Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights.Explore the responsibility of senior officials in the chain of command, including for the formulation and execution of the plan to disperse the Raba and Nahda sit-ins.Regards, Sarah Leah Whitson Executive Director Middle East and North Africa Division July 8, 2014 Public Prosecutor Hisham Barakat Public Prosecutors Office Dar al-Quda al-Aaly July 26th Street, al-Asaaf Square Cairo, Egypt Your Excellency, I am writing to follow-up on a letter sent to you.In these capacities, he stood at the top of the chain of command for the Egyptian army, which opened fire on protesters outside the Republican Guard headquarters on July 5 and 8, and oversaw the countrys security policies.