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Upon collecting such deductions, the Comptroller shall transmit them to the principal combined fund-raising organization selected pursuant to subdivision (3) of radin code promo conforama subsection (c) of this section, together with a list of officers and employees contributing to each federation or such federation's member agencies, provided the.
(t) allowing the state to provide personnel testing services to municipalities;.A.
No member of the board shall be an employee of the state.
Establishment of candidate lists.5,.) History:.A.96-168 inserted new Subsec.An employee on such assignment may be deemed to be on detail to a regular work assignment of his or her agency or institution and entitled to full salary and benefits and all rights and privileges for his class or position.F A General Information and Historical Rates page.History: 1969 acts added to payment by state for each employee one-half of the additional cost of his form of coverage, previously employee paid total cost of additional coverage and provided for group of employees to seek alternate coverage similarly paid by state in Subsecs.79-621 replaced day basis for computation of sick leave with hourly basis provided benefit entitlement not diminished;.A.(b) Any unpaid leave taken chapeaux tirage au sort pursuant to this section shall not be construed to affect an employee's qualifications for exemption under chapter 558.05-288 made technical changes in Subsec.(ee) and occupational group in Subsec.84-532 included judicial department employees within the provisions of the section and removed provision that a local charter or ordinance could supersede employees' right to run for municipal office;.A.
81-472 made technical changes; June.
14-187 deleted reference to regulations issued by Commissioner of Administrative Services, effective June 11, 2014.
(b) and added Subsec.
(n) Any interested employee or his representative or any appointing authority may submit to the commissioner written data, views or arguments or a request for a hearing in regard to specified position classifications or allocation of a class of positions to the compensation schedule.(a 7) providing coverage for the spouse and dependent children of a local police officer or constable who dies in the line of duty;.A.(t) to delete Notwithstanding the provisions of this chapter and made technical changes in Subsecs.1, 2; 87-518,.Before charging any fees authorized by this subsection, the commissioner shall adopt regulations, in accordance rabies tag number with the provisions of chapter 54, to establish reasonable fees.A general worker employed in a position by the Department of Developmental Services as a self-advocate, not to exceed eleven such general workers, shall be eligible for prorated sick leave, in accordance with regulations adopted pursuant to this section.The Probate Court Administrator shall issue regulations governing group hospitalization and medical and surgical insurance pursuant to subsection (b) of section 45a-77.(a) to replace issue with adopt, add reference.(a) deleted reference to fireman and substituted firefighter and added a new Subsec.(2) designator, effective July 1, 2013.

Treatment of funds deposited in dependent care spending account program.
1, 2; 1972,.A.