Remise somewhere

remise somewhere

Even this revert itself concours poésie tag grenoble is not an example of irony, and cadeau fait main pour anniversaire even in the context of this page.
Daffy Duck Did Daffy Duck father any children?
Template:Crash series Two editors contribute more than thirty reverts in two hours over whether Spyro is a part of the Crash Bandicoot universe or not.
One is about his height, of all things, with the number being changed several times a week.The edit war is so notorious that it is mentioned in the April Fools 2006 "Wikipedia's first IRC chat" log.Dates Main page: Wikipedia:Lamest edit wars/Dates 2006 Atlantic hurricane season Should a tropical cyclone that formed on December 30, 2005 and lasted until January 6, 2006 ( Tropical Storm Zeta ) be placed in the 2006 Atlantic hurricane season article?Is she a "Bosnian actress of Croatian descent/ethnicity" or a "Croatian actress"?But don't forget to leave an edit summary saying how pathetic it is to choose any other version.Highest-valued currency unit Is the Bitcoin a currency?Or is it Ancient?An edit war over these two words ensues after an editor attempts to get the wording changed from the former to the latter.Missing sun motif Is it a collection of myths or a motif?
Is it a new comic entirely or just a continuation of the old one?
Three of the many examples of 3RR are here: 2, 3,.
This article extensively documents every little factoid that could possibly indicate ownership by one country, with each, of course, having a countering statement.
An edge-enhanced photograph from the Afrikaans Wikipedia was used instead, and a cease fire seems to be in effect.It previously had served as a summer palace during Seti I's reign.It later turned out that it happened to be two anonymous users who shared the same IP address.Escalated to a request for arbitration, and eventually an Office Action.What better time to revert-war over this all-important issue code promo park and trip bordeaux than on June 11, 2007, when it is Today's Featured Article?How about transcluding the Main Page as a compromise?62 Joyce Tyldesley writes that thus far "no intact burials have been discovered and there have been little substantial funeral debris: thousands of potsherds, faience ushabti figures, beads, amulets, fragments of Canopic jars, of wooden coffins.Suncrest, Washington Constant reversion of Mark Richards's "vandalism" by original creator who lived there (as was mentioned in the article) and seemed to think it was his page.No one knows exactly.An editor added the sentence "The conceit of "questioning answers" is original to Jeopardy!Remettre (rétablir un processus interrompu) ( electricity, gas, water ) switch sth back on, turn sth back on L'électricien remet le courant.66 His mummy is today in Cairo 's Egyptian Museum.Werner Herzog Born in Germany, supposedly of a German mother and a Yugoslav father, and raised in Bavaria, Germany.Users have been edit-warring for six years now over how to describe.

Is it even worthy of a footnote?
Journal of Near Eastern Studies.
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