Shotgun recoil reduction system

Metro Gun can supply all current Browning, Ruger, Remington.
Please be advised that these are not being manufactured by Metro Gun and are not the original.
Counter Coil is the original Danuser recoil reduction device offering a 1/2 maximum stroke.First of all the ammunition used is Federal 1 1/ 8 oz # 7 1/2 Top Gun Low Sound, Low Recoil.Metro Gun barrels are no longer affiliated with Hastings.If damaged, any and all barrels need to code instant gaming reduction be checked for possible repair at Metro Gun.Why is this working?
General Information, while our website addresses all of these topics in different sections, here is a quick check list that can help save time and solve your problems.
If there is any small amount of denting, the payload of shot will cut the thin edge of the barrel and cause the metal to split and peel back toward the muzzle.
Secondly you will observe that swinging the Metro is not a big deal.
Chiappa Tri barrel 12-Gauge, general Notice to Owners or Future Owners of Metro Gun Systems Barrels.
Hastings if no longer in business and our barrels are manufactured under our own brand.
Warning, this product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
The decibel readings are about 72db.I guess others have figured out just how good the system.The cost of this service.00 flat rate, and this will NOT include shipping.ECalling by foxpro, ShotKam providing the HD video.We will continue to offer the best product at the lowest possible price without compromising quality.( Current production ).Consult your gunsmith for thread types and brands that will fit other guns or custom choke systems.Click here for more information.Check the info on the MG.724 Orion 12 Gauge Suppressor.With the wrench provided, the adjustments can be made in the field in less than 10 seconds.You can customize your barrel after you receive.About the same as the sound of a car door closing, 72 Db at 100 feet, when shooting sub sonic ammunition.

No camo or special options.